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Bad news, health-conscious citizens of these increasingly oppressive United States, so listen up!

You know that super high-tech cloth mask that you store in the filthy glovebox of your car? The one that hasn’t been washed in weeks and occasionally doubles as a Kleenex in a pinch? The one Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett demands you wear at all times to “protect others” from catching your deadly COVID germs even though Mayor Joe hasn’t ventured out from his tinker toy bunker since the BLM protests?

Ringing any bells yet?

Well, it turns out that in all likelihood, the only legitimate function that cheap-ass mask from China serves is to subdue the offensive odor of your overwhelmingly pungent breath. Seriously, have been checked for gingivitis, because that stank ain’ natural.

Anyway, there’s a good chance that all this “wear a mask for the sake of your fellow man” is a bunch of crap.

New York Times Reporter and Best-Selling Author Alex Berenson called into the Hammer and Nigel Show Wednesday afternoon to explain why in a discussion related to his latest book, “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns.”

“There is essentially no evidence that cloth masks protect the wearer, which is why they’ve come up with this theory that my mask protects you,” Berenson said. Unfortunately, from a scientific standpoint, that’s more or less impossible to prove or disprove.”

He continued: “The reason that I am against masks is not that there’s evidence that they are all that harmful, but rather, they tend to set the stage to accept a lot of other things. For example, next they want to do contact tracing even though it’s too late for that because the virus is already so pervasive throughout the United States. Then they’ll want mandatory vaccines – even though this vaccine has been rushed and even though if you’re in a low-risk category, you’ll probably be fine, we still want you to get vaccinated. So when we accept masks, we wind up accepting a lot of pseudoscience by default.”

Berenson says we’ve got to get out of the habit of doing things just for the sake of doing something, and he is also an advocate for opening schools back up without restrictions.

“The best evidence is that these kids are much more likely to get it from teachers than they are to give it to teachers, so the schools should be open because they are at very low risk.”

Berenson went on to offer an opinion on lockdowns and what it will take for society to get back to a semi-normal day-to-day routine

Click the link below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full interview with Alex Berenson.