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In Austin, an unnamed black man took a group of Black Lives Matter activists to task Saturday for blocking a road and keeping him from getting to his job on time – an activity that is rumored to be anathema to many of the protestors participating in burning down their own cities.

According to the Daily Wire, the man said to the protesters:

“Hey look, I understand the (inaudible) and I appreciate it,  but I got to go to work. I’m black. I got to go to work. I got bills. I got kids. Get the f*** out my way. I’m about to air this b**** out. I got to go to work.”

And get the f*** out his way they did.

Moments earlier, the protesters had been chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” – clearly a government-induced misunderstanding by virtue of the fact that so many public thoroughfares have been painted with #BLM of late.

The lesson here is simple: Should you encounter a crowd of people blocking your primary route to work, simply ask in a calm and collecting voice for the said crowd to move. If they refuse, employ the “pretty please” technique. Should that fail as well, a fresh can of bear spray will do your talking for you.

God bless.

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Photo: Khosrork/Getty Images