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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s not coming as a surprise to some bar owners in Indianapolis that city leaders are clamping back down in order to try and contain the spread of coronavirus.

Robert Sabatini is the owner of three bars in Broad Ripple: Average Joe’s, Rock Lobster, and Mine Shaft. He said he’s been trying as best he can to make sure people who come to his bar that they need to wear a mask whenever possible and socially distance.

“We have everybody wear a mask when they walk inside the bar and the literally walk five-feet inside the bar and put it in their pocket,” he told WISH-TV. “The one thing that is very evident with this is it is going to be a fight to get people to do what they need to do to have a successful stand against this virus.”

He said it was people’s lack of taking these precautions seriously that got him thinking his bars would not be reopened for very long once Mayor Joe Hogsett loosened restrictions in late June.

Sabatini said he closed down Rock Lobster last week in anticipation of the rollback.

“There’s just not any social distancing and mask-wearing going on,” he added. “I just feel that it was too difficult a situation for anybody in our position to handle.”

Now all bars have been forced to close down in Indianapolis under rolled back reopening efforts by city leaders.