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MARTINSVILLE, Ind.–Governor Holcomb’s mask mandate “does not constitute a crime or enforceable action by police”, according to the Martinsville Police Department.

In a post to Facebook Wednesday, Martinsville Police Chief Kurt Spivey said Martinsville police officers will “not be dispatched for the sole purpose of responding those who fail to wear or refuse to wear a mask in public.”

Spivey says any calls or complaints about anyone not wearing a mask or businesses not requiring patrons to wear a mask should be directed to state or county health departments.

“Whether you support the Governor’s decision or oppose the Governor’s decision, I would like to remind you to be respectful and/or tactful when addressing another person about mask issues,” said Spivey.

He also reiterated that any business may refuse service to anyone who refuses to wear a mask. If you, however, don’t leave a business when asked, you could be charged with trespassing.

“Let’s work together and make good decisions. Thanks in advance for your cooperation,” said Spivey.

The statewide mask mandate goes into effect Monday, July 27.