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INDIANAPOLIS — The Washington Township School Board in Indianapolis is standing by its decision to suspend all fall sports for North Central High School students as well as middle school students because of the pandemic.

The board voted last week to suspend all in-person extracurricular activities and athletic events for the upcoming fall semester. This as the district will be in an e-learning only format when it comes to classroom instruction.

It’s a decision that has gotten some push back from parents and students alike. Several North Central High School seniors even put together a video and posted it to social media urging the school board to reconsider.

In a virtual board meeting Wednesday night, the possibility of reconsidering was discussed with mixed opinions.

“I’d rather not open, close again, open, close again, open, close again when the data is still sort of floating out there,” said board VP Donald Kite. “I think right now it’s all been increasing.”

“With the issue with something like sports, I think it makes sense to reconsider,” said board member John Fencl.

Some parents like Dan Green feel they’ve been given the shaft by the board in the process of making the decision to suspend sports.

“This affects thousands of people. This is a school with over 4,000 students,” Green told WISH-TV. “We’re all very respectful of the position they’re in. It cannot be easy. But, we should have been given more of an argument as to why they made the decision they did.”

North Central competes in the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) in athletics. So far, they are the only school district in the conference to suspend athletics for the fall semester.