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The extraordinarily competent Indianapolis City-County Council adopted a special resolution Monday night to paint “Black Lives Matter” on Indiana Avenue.

The decision comes as the city grapples with a means to pacify ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists while simultaneously doing absolutely nothing to conquer violence in the black community for fear of being branded a ‘racist.’

The purpose of the mural is “to convey a message condemning racism and inequality,” according to the City-County Council.

Does this latest act of government virtue-signaling accomplish anything meaningful? Of course not. But it’s the least the city can do to spruce things up a little bit amid all those boarded-up windows and abandoned businesses downtown.

The resolution was sponsored by Council President Vop Osili and councilors Leroy Robinson, Maggie Lewis, Zach Adamson, Ali Brown, Keith Graves, Crista Carlino, Keith Potts, John Barth, and Ethan Evans. No doubt we’ll be erecting statues of each of them to honor their courageous contribution to our city.

Historians will surely look back upon this resolution as the turning point in our struggle to stamp out racism and inequality in the city of Indianapolis. Racists and bigots throughout the Circle City will unsuspectingly motor along Indiana Avenue and experience the subliminal yet transformative anti-racist power of big block letters in yellow paint.

Hey, if painting ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Indiana Ave. makes people feel better about racial tension in our city, have at it. Maybe the workers can fix the potholes while they’re at it.

WIBC host Tony Katz delivered a response to the City-County Council Tuesday morning. Click below to listen.