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(INDIANAPOLIS) — You’ve had an extra three months to finish your taxes, but time is almost up.

Wednesday is the deadline to file your state and federal tax returns. The IRS and Indiana extended the usual April deadline because of the pandemic.

The extra time has slowed the usual last-minute flood of returns. Indiana estimates about 200-to-400,000 returns are still out, a fraction of what normally comes in at the deadline. Indiana Department of Revenue Commissioner Bob Grennes says that’s actually helped with the processing of returns — instead of a crush of returns all at once, he says they’ve been spread across April, May and June.

Grennes says there shouldn’t be any delay in processing refunds. He says while the IRS and some

states are dealing with a backlog caused by pandemic-related work stoppages, Indiana has continued

operations throughout.

If three more months still wasn’t enough, you can request an extension to file, but you still have to pay what you owe by Wednesday. If you can’t, Grennes says you can call the department to ask about a payment plan.