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China is much more than a Communist nation in which workers would rather jump to their deaths than spend another day earning slave wages building crap for Apple. China is a rich and culturally non-diverse land of acquired taste – an acquired taste for bats, for example. And not just ANY bats: bats liberally seasoned with COVID-19!

Yes, China is the birthplace of COVID-19.

No, Coronavirus is not the fault of the Chinese people.

Yes, Coronavirus probably came from Chinese people eating bats in wet markets, but the disease isn’t their fault.

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember where the Coronavirus came from: China! Not India, but China. Not Japan, but China. Not the United States, Italy, Africa, North Korea, South Korea, Australia, France, Finland, or WIBC traffic guy Matt Bair’s refrigerator, but CHINA!

Where did it come from? CHINA!

Where? CHINA!

It didn’t come from Donald Trump? Nope! CHINA!


But no, it’s not the fault of the Chinese people; it’s the fault of their government – the government of CHINA!

Speaking of crappy governments run by blatant imbeciles, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett’s all-new mask mandate is officially in effect! To celebrate this momentous occasion, Hammer and Nigel Records has released an all-new inspired masterpiece that’s climbing the charts: “Bats in the Ladle.”

*Please Note: “Bats in the Ladle” has yet to be Autotuned. Thank you for your understanding.

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