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Fox News host Tucker Carlson doubled down on his delicious and savory obliteration of Rep. Tammy Duckworth Tuesday night and it was nothing short of brilliant. It was a thing of such incredible majesty that it practically brought tears to my eyes.

The Tammy Duckworth/Carlson Tucker Feud Backstory:

Duckworth, a U.S. Senator for Illinois is rightfully under fire for indicating her support for the removal of statues honoring historical figures, including George Washington.

“We should start off by having a national dialogue about it at some point,” Duckworth said in an interview with CNN before pivoting to criticism of President Trump for spending more time “honoring dead Confederates” than talking about the growing number of Americans who have died during the coronavirus pandemic.

When the CNN anchor again asked Duckworth if she would support tearing down statues of George Washington, the Senator replied, “I think we should listen to everybody. I think we should listen to the argument there.”

The fact that any sitting U.S. Senator would fail to denounce the destruction of government statues – particularly George Washington, the father of our country – is simply vile, but Duckworth hasn’t stopped there. The Iraq war veteran, who was awarded the Purple Heart medal after losing her legs during combat operations, and her allies in the mainstream media are leveraging her service to our country as a political weapon to attack conservatives and shield her from criticism.

Duckworth’s service to our country and her sacrifice should indeed be respected and honored by her critics. Her support for erasing our heritage and tearing down statues should not.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Goes on the Attack Against Duckworth:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore into Sen. Duckworth for her comments in the opening monologue of his show Monday night. And when Carlson came under fire for “daring to insult a wounded veteran,” he doubled down, calling the Senator a “callous hack” and a “coward.”

Click below to watch Tucker Carlson’s Tuesday night monologue. It’s a thing of exquisite beauty.

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