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The United States Supreme Court ruled Thursday in two cases over whether President Donald Trump can block the release of his tax records from investigators, handing a win to the Manhattan district attorney, but rejecting parallel efforts by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Both cases were decided 7-2, with Chief Justice John Roberts authoring the court’s opinion.

Manhattan district attorney Cy Vance issued a statement celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling in a statement.

“This is a tremendous victory for our nation’s system of justice and its founding principle that no one – not even a president – is above the law,” Vance said.

“Our investigation, which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit, will resume, guided as always by the grand jury’s solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts, wherever they may lead.”

“Chief Justice Roberts’ opinion says that like any other defendant, [President Trump] can go in the district court and say, ‘this is harassment. It is overbroad,'” CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told the network. “They can’t make the same arguments that they made in this case, but there are arguments that any defendant can make to try to stop a subpoena. They usually don’t work, but they are arguments that are raised in court.”

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the ruling as news of the decision broke. Click below to hear his reaction and commentary.

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