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WASHINGTON — Vice-President Mike Pence says the United States is formally pulling out of the World Health Organization.

“The World Health Organization let the world down,” said Pence. “They let the world down by not inofmring the United States and the wider world of this pandemic as it began.”

The United States is the WHO’s biggest source of funding. China is criticizing the move saying it will limit the organization’s ability to help people affected by the pandemic worldwide.

“China was giving ill-fated advice in January and February,” Pence said. “There have to be consequences.”

Pence is also doubling down on continuing to reopen the United States in spite of recent surges in the number of people getting sick with COVID-19.

Pence assures naysayers the administration is taking the surges seriously and operating on a case by cases basis in states are surges are happening. He says it’s important to get kids back in school and businesses opened back up again.