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Two Little Caesars workers have been fired after an Ohio couple found pepperonis placed on their pizza had been arranged to form a swastika.

Misty and Jason Laska posted a photo of the antisemitic pie on Twitter, writing that they were “truly disappointed” when they opened the box and made the discovery.

She wrote there was nothing funny about the incident.

Little Caesar Enterprises said in a statement to WOIO-TV that it has “zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form.”

It said the franchise store employees were immediately terminated.

Jason Laska said he had picked up the pie Saturday night from a Little Caesars shop in Brook Park and brought it home, according to the New York Daily News. 

“[My wife] turned and asked me, ‘Babe, did you order this, did they make it for you?’ And I turned around and looked at it and I could see the shock on her face and then my jaw just dropped,” Laska told the outlet.

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the story Tuesday morning:

“I know I will be attacked for saying things that are true. So be it. If that pizza had the N-word on it instead of a swastika, that Little Ceasars Pizza would be burnt to the ground. And you know what the Jews say? ‘That’s gross.’ And then they went about their lives. 

“Now they probably took to social media and noted that this is the kind of stuff we can’t have in America. And yes, a couple of guys got fired for it. But nobody thought they had to burn the place to the ground or that you need to have a massive protest march.

“Antisemitism exists and this isn’t even antisemitism; this is moronism. You think these two guys at the Little Ceasars thought to themselves, ‘Yeah, this is how we’re going to take down the Jews!’ You’d have to be as ignorant as the day is long to think that. These two workers were morons. 

“Sometimes it’s just a schmuck.”

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Photo: Arx0nt/Getty Images