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Spend-thrifty state governments across the nation (cough) are facing severe budget shortfalls tied to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gas tax revenues have plummeted, income taxes are down, several states are offering a property tax holiday to provide homeowners some relief from the government-created economic recession.

What’s the government solution to close the budget gap? ‘Sin’ taxes!

What The Crap is a ‘Sin’ Tax?

A ‘sin’ tax is a tax on items considered undesirable or harmful, such as alcohol, tobacco, sugary soda, marijuana, or voting Democrat – a tax paid retroactively on a daily basis by future generations.

What About Rioting and Looting? Is That Taxed?

Participating in riots and looting remains a tax-free recreational activity. All costs associated with this increasingly-popular sport are graciously borne by business owners and their law-abiding customers on protestors’ behalf.

This Sounds Neat! What Other Things Can We Tax?

Anything that disproportionately affects the poor.

How Do I Know If My Partner is Cheating?

You clicked on the wrong article by mistake.

Which States Benefit The Most From Sin Taxes?

States and cities that regretfully elect liberals to office.

Could We See The Implementation of a Sin Tax in Indiana?

See above.

Isn’t ‘Sin’ Considered a Religious Term? I Thought That Was Unconstitutional or Something?

Only when used in connection to the practice of your personal faith – and only if your faith is “Christian.” Application of the term ‘sin’ to state taxes and/or ‘white privilege’ is fully encouraged.

Where Are The Chicks on the Right This Week?

They’re on vacation.  Rob Kendall and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz from are filling in all week.

Is Abdul Really Black or is That Just for Radio?

Your question is offensive. Lose a turn and pay $200 to the player on your left.

What The Hell is This Article About?

I’ve forgotten at this point, but here’s Rob and Abdul: