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WASHINGTON — Senator Todd Young is calling on the U.S. Senate to again take up the issue of securing the country’s southern border.

Young took to the Senate floor Wednesday to discuss why the topic of border security should not be put on the back burner. He alluded to his time in the marines when he was a station near Yuma, Arizona, and how his unmanned aerial vehicle unit would work with border patrol guards to keep the border in that area safe.

He said that area of the border was a “dangerous area” with drug smuggling and human trafficking running rampant.

“Later, a physical barrier was placed in the Yuma-sector. It was years after I left active duty,” Young said. “And trafficking decreased over a decades time period by 95-percent.”

Young said this is a shred of many pieces of proof that “walls work.”

“We not only put boots on the ground to secure our southern border, but we also must invest in technology to secure our border,” said Young. “Including physical barriers where they are required.”

Young said the Senate must not “lose its nerve” when it comes to border security.