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It’s a new time in America.

It’s an age of enlightenment. It’s an age of caution. It’s an age of disinfecting everything in the environment like a bunch of overly-paranoid germaphobes who are going to lengths that make Howard Hughes seem normal by comparison – a guy who saved his own urine in milk bottles.

Yes, it’s the age of Coronavirus – a disease that infected less than 1% of our population, killed roughly 0.000356% of U.S. citizens, and sold enough medical masks and toilet paper to keep 3M executives and heirs to the “Charmin Man” fortune in fat cat luxury for 1,000 years!

What a time to be alive!

Better yet, what a time to consider NOT being alive or at the very least, taking a prolonged nap until all this crap is behind us.

It’s that poetic and courageous view of the COVID-19 era that inspired the latest hit single from H&N Records: “Wake Me Up When Corona Ends.”

Click below to give it a listen before popping a fistful of Nyquil and checking out for a month or six.