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NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace is sticking with his noose theory.

Wallace, who discovered a ‘noose’ in his Talladega garage stall on Sunday, appeared on the “Today” show Wednesday morning to discuss the incident and the result of the FBI’s investigation.

The original theory behind the ‘noose’ was that some NASCAR ‘insider’ racists found out which garage had been assigned to Wallace, snuck into the unit prior to Wallace’s arrival, and placed a ‘noose’ on the door of the garage.

The FBI, however, discovered that the noose was a garage pull that had been in the stall since the fall of 2019 – long before Wallace had been assigned to that garage stall at Talladega.

As a result of their investigation, the FBI determined that no crime had been committed. And since we’re living in an age when it’s acceptable to yell “racism” first and investigate later, Bubba Wallace is now on clean-up duty with the media.

“I was relieved, just like many others, to know that it wasn’t targeted towards me,” Wallace told NBC’s “Today” Wednesday. “But it’s still frustrating to know that people are always going to test you and always just going to try and debunk you, and that’s what I’m trying to wrap my head around now.”

“The photo evidence I’ve seen and have in my possession [shows] it was a garage pull that was a noose,” Wallace said. “I don’t know when we’ll get to the point that we’ll release that image. … It’s alerting and it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

“I told [the FBI] that I had questioned my team members. ‘Are we sure this isn’t something we’re taking out of context?’ They backed my team up and reiterated that if you were to see this at this time, you would stand with your team right now for why they were so alert,” Wallace said.

WIBC host Tony Katz offered commentary on the Bubba Wallace ‘noose’ incident Wednesday morning. Click below to check it out.