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“The Room Where It Happened,” former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s traitorous memoir, is due to hit store shelves as a Charmin alternative Tuesday following a legal challenge from the U.S. Justice Department.

On Saturday, a federal judge ruled that Simon & Schuster could publish the book despite the Trump administration’s concerns that it compromised national security. “The Room Where It Happened” was originally scheduled for March, but was delayed twice as the White House reviewed the manuscript.

Bolton’s legal team has said that he spent months addressing White House concerns about classified information and that Bolton had been assured in late April by the official he was working with that the manuscript no longer contained any such material.

The book is available for pre-order at an overly-optimistic $19.95 in the hardcover edition and $16.95 for Kindle – a generous discount off the initial retail price of $32.99 – before landing in the discount bin at Walmart for the holiday season.

Alternatively, you could download one of several FREE PDF copies of “The Room Where It Happened” that are floating around on the internet.

Better yet, let WIBC’s Tony Katz break down the key takeaways from John Bolton’s book in the clip below.