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INDIANAPOLIS — The Democratic nominee for Governor says incumbent Republican governor Eric Holcomb has been “tepid” in his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Tepidly means, he hasn’t tried to rile up the traditional Republican base as they have been in many other states,” said Dr. Woody Myers on The Rob Kendall Show on 93 WIBC. “On the other hand, he hasn’t done all we should do to get our arms around this.”

One of Holcomb’s shortfalls, according to Myers, is a lack of getting people tested.

“We should have closed our schools earlier. We should have pushed social distancing harder,” Myers added. “It’s still not where it should be.”

“The first recommendation was if your not deathly ill don’t get a test. Now, they’ve done a 180. Ok, now anybody who wants a test can get one anywhere anytime. Those are not based on science. Those are based on other issues.”

Myers said not enough people are getting tested for COVID-19 because of a “lack of funding in the public health infrastructure” calling that infrastructure “abysmal” in Indiana.

Myers even went as far as accusing Holcomb of taking campaign contributions from an out of state contractor in order to conduct testing throughout the state.

“I can’t say for sure those are related,” Myers said. “But I think there’s a connection in there somewhere.”

Overall, Myers is hopeful to get elected so he can push bipartisanship in the state government.