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INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is asking you not to call 911 with fireworks complaints.

Even though the Fourth of July holiday is several weeks away, the county’s 911 Center is already experiencing a significant increase in calls about fireworks violations.

Unless someone is injured or property is damaged by fireworks, MCSO 911 Dispatchers ask that residents call the non-emergency line, 317-327-3811, to report fireworks violations. Cell phone users can also call 311 for non-emergencies.

“We need citizens to do their part in ensuring that our 911 lines are not tied up with complaints about fireworks. Please consider that someone with a life or death emergency needs to get through to 911 as quickly as possible. Calling [the non-emergency line] can make a real difference in ensuring that someone who really needs help, gets help faster,” said Sheriff Kerry Forestal.

When to call 911 vs 311: a chart by the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

(Graphic provided by MCSO.)