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(INDIANAPOLIS) — As Indianapolis dismantles the BlueIndy car-sharing program, it’s looking for ideas on how to reuse the space.

There were 89 BlueIndy sites before the city pulled the plug last month — nine at the airport, and 80

clustered mainly downtown and on the north, east and south sides.The city hasn’t ruled out just turning those locations back into parking spaces. But Department of Public Works spokesman Ben Easley says most parking spaces aren’t equipped with electricity and 4G access. These are. The city’s inviting businesses and nonprofits to submit ideas by August 14.

The city’s request for ideas floats some examples of possible new uses, including bodegas, food trucks, information kiosks, miniature parks, or a different car-sharing program. But Easley says the city is wide open to a full spectrum of creative ideas. He says it’s likely there will be different answers in different locations.

The city isn’t taking formal proposals or bids yet — that will come later. For now, it’s just soliciting ideas for review. There’s no timetable for settling on a plan after the August deadline.