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WIBC’s own Tony Katz is going syndicated for a second time with his popular weekend show, “Eat! Drink! Smoke!”

Radio America announced Friday they are adding the two-hour weekly broadcast to their weekend programming line-up.

About “Eat! Drink! Smoke!”

“Eat! Drink! Smoke! is a program that combines good times and good friends. Looking to step away from the madness of the week, Eat! Drink! Smoke! discusses and reviews fine cigars, excellent bourbon, and interesting food. Ok, sometimes the cigars aren’t fine… the bourbon is sometimes awful and the food is just a mess.

“Each week, award-winning radio host, writer, and regular cable news presence Tony Katz, along with everyman Fingers Malloy and a wide array of guests honestly share all their thoughts with humor and expertise.

“Conversations include cigar and bourbon reviews, policies that are being introduced across the country that affect shops and restaurants in your town, and growing trends to look out for. Distillers and cigar experts call in to share their favorites and educate listeners.  Celebrity friends call in to share their favorites and talk about the news of the day.”


Tony Katz shared his thoughts on his latest syndication success in a Facebook message Friday:
Check out Tony’s show Monday morning for more details!