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Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson has risen above the political noise in America to become a voice of authority on the COVID-19 pandemic. In his latest book, “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” Berenson takes a highly critical stance against the United States Government’s attempts to stem the spread of Coronavirus through mandatory quarantines.

How lethal is COVID-19? Whom does it kill? Are the death counts accurate?

Berenson answers each of those questions in his book.

Make no mistake, however, Berenson is no conspiracy theorist. Every opinion expressed in “Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns,” is backed by legitimate and credible data.

The author and journalist called into the Hammer and Nigel show Tuesday afternoon to discuss his latest work, which is available through his website and

Click below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full, unedited interview with Alex Berenson.