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INDIANAPOLIS–Damaging winds, heavy rain, and large hail are all threats to be ready for Wednesday afternoon and evening, says the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Central Indiana is under a slight risk for severe weather. That means scattered powerful thunderstorms are expected and while they may be short-lived, they can be intense.

“It looks like the best time to see storms will be between 4 pm and midnight,” says Mike Koch, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. “When thunder roars, go indoors. We could see some localized flooding, especially in low-lying areas and along streams.”

Koch does not expect there to be any tornadoes.

“We’re expecting the storms to come in from northwest to southeast late this afternoon. North of the Indy metro, the rain will probably arrive around 4 pm. In Indianapolis, it will be closer to 6 pm. Down south, they will likely get rain after 6 pm,” says Koch.

As for temperatures, most cities in and towns will see highs in the upper 80s Wednesday. Lows will drop to the 60s overnight.

On Thursday, Koch says there could be storms south of Bloomington, but they aren’t likely to be severe.