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WASHINGTON — With protests and acts violence continuing to happen across the United States in response to the death of George Floyd, Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) is reminding you not to lose sight of the fact there are still public health risks out there regarding the coronavirus.

Young is careful to acknowledge that the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis is something all who are responsible for it need to be held accountable for.

“This is something that as a nation, one unified nation, that we are going to get through together,” Young said. “We all want justice and we all want peace. It’s also important that this moment doesn’t get overtaken by acts of violence and I think everyone wants that as well.”

But, Young said in the midst of the threats to public safety these acts of violence perpetrate, he’s also reminding you there is is a global pandemic out there that we still need to deal with.

Young has just returned to Washington from a trip all around Indiana in which he pushed for support of his RESTART Act. He said Indiana businesses in need of help have been grateful for the support they’ve gotten through programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program.

“As we take that approach to make sure that our response, whatever it might be, is properly scoped, they’re giving due attention and support to the RESTART Act, which I’ve introduced along with Sen. Bennett (D-CO),” Young said.

You said many businesses that he pitched the bill to in Indiana see it as a viable plan moving forward to continue helping small businesses throughout the U.S get through the hardships that the coronavirus pandemic has brought on.