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INDIANAPOLIS–Some people in Marion County were still lined up to vote over three hours after the polls closed. Marion County Republican Party Chairwoman Cindy Kirchoffer, also a state representative, said she believes the mail-in ballots were a complete failure, at least in Marion County.

Kirchoffer said the county clerk was confident in the decision to send absentee ballots to all voters, active and inactive, in the county. Marion was the only county to appropriate money for such a purpose.

“Very late in the process we know she petitioned (Sec. of State) Connie Lawson to reconsider the deadline and now we’re looking at staffing 22 vote centers,” she said. Kirchoffer believes the county was ill-equipped to both handle the ballots being returned, and staff the consolidated vote centers.

“So, not only are you having a hard time staffing, with volunteers who get paid a nominal amount, but there’s also equipment issues, making sure you have enough equipment.”

Kirchoffer pointed out that she was made aware that in some vote centers there werent enough tablets to affect the sign-in process in a timely manner.

“And then there was PPE issues, making sure everyone was safe, and so I think that led to the long delays, as well,” she said.

When asked if she believes mail-in, absentee voting will be a good option for the general election in November, Kirchoffer offered a hearty no.

“I think this was a complete and utter failure. We cannot have this play out again in November. We have got to have a fair, safe election,” she said. “We owe it to the voters to make sure they have a place to walk in and cast there vote in their neighborhood and make it convenient for out voters.”