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Police in several cities around the country joined in solidarity with peaceful protesters.

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson in Flint, Michigan dropped his baton and marched Sunday. He also delivered an impassioned speech, telling protestors that the police are on their side.


“And those should be the kind of news segments we’re seeing to open up segments across the country on cable news – the acts of solidarity with peaceful protestors. We saw it in multiple cities across the country yesterday and over the weekend. 

“Right here in Indianapolis, we saw it come to a head Monday night in front of the Governor’s mansion. And it ended with the leader of the protestors and the state police as they negotiated and then walked another block together before the crowd dissapated. 

“So again, those should be the kind of stories we’re seeing on cable news. Unfortunately, after the protests end, you have rioting with the gangs and people who are hijacking the cause to loot and cause violence.”

Of course, you also have people stealing cheesecakes…

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