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Carmel, Indiana Mayor Jim Brainard is a controversial figure in the Hoosier state, especially amongst his constituents. Residents in his community and the surrounding areas rarely express an indifferent opinion of his leadership or the man himself. When it comes to Mayor Jim Brainard you either love him or your annoyance with his permissive and generous spending habits are driving you slowly mad.

One thing we all can agree upon, however, is this: Mayor Jim Brainard REALLY likes roundabouts! He likes driving them too, it’s just that he’s not very good at it.

He also has a fondness for carousels, but if Carmel ever manages to acquire one, we all know it’s only a matter of time before Mayor Brainard falls off a horse. One minute he’ll be smiling as he goes round and round, munching fistfuls of popcorn. The next, he’ll be flying facefirst into six-year-olds cotton candy. God help us if that day ever comes. He’ll break his leg and be riding around in Tesla-inspired wheelchair – one that Carmel taxpayers purchased on his behalf.

But I digress…

Up until now, few people outside of the state of Indiana have been familiar with Jim Brainard’s name or the city where he serves as mayor. That’s all set to change, however.

Monday night, national media outlets began publishing reports that the city of Carmel intended to sue the city of Minneapolis for negligence so Hamilton county could recover expenses for protecting itself as a result of police actions in Minnesota.

Mayor Jim Brainard even sent out a press release asking other cities to join in on the fun!

“I encourage other cities to join us in this lawsuit for the recovery of our costs,” Brainard said in the release. “Those in power need to understand the far-reaching consequences of their actions”

Oh, and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth… and then, Mayor Brainard changed his mind.

“After some additional consideration, I have decided to put on hold the idea of a lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis,” Brainard said in a message posted to Facebook Monday night, later adding that “this is not about inflicting more pain to the good people of Minneapolis,” but about “sending a message to its leaders and to leaders of across the U.S. that we will no longer tolerate the violence and damage that results from their inability or unwillingness to treat all people with respect.”

Instead of suing, Carmel opted to issue a Disaster Emergency Declaration. Sorry, but that’s just not as fun as the idea of Mayor Jim Brainard and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey going mano a mano in an episode of “The People’s Court!”

Just imagine the classic television moment we all could have enjoyed…

“Hello, I’m (the potentially deceased long ago) Doug Llewelyn, welcome to ‘The People’s Court.’

“This is the case of ‘The Carousel Fan Wants to Get All He Can From The Minneapolis Man Where All This [CENSORED] Began.'”

For just a moment, Mayor Brainard, you brought us all very much needed comedic distraction from all the violence, destruction, and rage in our nation’s cities. And then, like a goofy thief in the night, you took it all away.

Holy crap! Do you know what just realized?

Mayor of Carmel, Indiana, James Brainard speaks during the National Clean Energy Summit 9.0 on October 13, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for National Clean Energy Summit)Mayor Jim Brainard, Carmel, Indiana

Mayor Pike, Mayberry, North Carolina

Mayor Pike, Mayberry, North Carolina

Somebody get me a contact number for the management offices of immediately…