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Nothing delights the conservative heart quite like a member of the mainstream media getting called out for hypocrisy.

An event of that very nature occurred in Wisconsin Tuesday, as MSNBC’s masked reporter Cal Perry (not an actual superhero) was doing a live segment from Lake Geneva where he complained that “no one” was wearing masks as they enjoyed the Memorial Day sunshine.

Apparently, that “no one” included his cameraman, an inconvenient fact that was graciously noted by a passing pedestrian who was more than happy to humiliate “Perry the Mask-Shamer” on live television.


Well done, media-shaming patriot!

Always remember the words of mask-wearing advocate Batman: “It is the duty of every good citizen of Gotham City (or wherever) to report arrogant members of the mainstream media engaging in the practice of ‘Rules for Thee, but not for me.’ We all must do our part.”

Now, Tony Katz…

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