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WASHINGTON — Senator Mike Braun is making a case for international racing drivers to be allowed into the United States even with some coronavirus travel restrictions.

According to RACER Magazine, Braun has sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security requesting that racing drivers be added to a list of exempt professional sports athletes that have been granted access to the U.S. in order to compete in their respective sports leagues.

Last Thursday DHS expanded a list of people exempt from border crossing restrictions to include athletes from certain sports leagues such as the National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Hockey League, and Professional Golf Association.

“I agree with the Administration’s efforts to work with professional sports leagues to ensure that, with proper precautions, sports leagues are able to assist their professional athletes in returning to the United States,” Braun wrote. “I would, however, respectfully point out the one glaring omission in your recent Order — motorsport.”

Racing drivers are not on the list. Braun used IndyCar and IMSA as examples of racing leagues with many international drivers and even team personnel that are still living abroad.

Braun urged DHS to be quick in adding international racing drivers to the list so that all involved in IndyCar’s season opener at Texas in less than two weeks can be at the track in time for the race.