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RICHMOND, Ind.–A police officer in Richmond shot a man Sunday morning, but that man is expected to survive, investigators say.

State police say Wayne County Dispatch put out a call about reckless driving happening on the west side of Richmond just before 11 a.m. They say a Richmond Police officer was sitting in his car, on the phone, in the Richmond City Building parking lot, when the car pulled into the lot and got close to the officer’s patrol car.

Police say the man inside the car began yelling at the officer “Kill me, shoot me.” The officer called for backup and began slowly driving away from the man’s car. Officers later arrived to help.

Shortly after backup arrived, investigators say the man got out of his car and started shouting, “Kill me, shoot me” and started stabbing himself with the knife. Police say they tried to talk to the man, but then he charged at them wielding the knife in a threatening manner while yelling “Shoot me, kill me.”

Once the man got within ten feet of them, they say the Richmond police officer was forced to shoot the man. They rushed him to Reid Health Hospital. He was later flown to a hospital with “survivable” injuries.

The man who police say attacked them has been identified as Brian Sherer, 34, of Centerville.