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INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re an Indiana Pacers fan and watched “The Last Dance”, the ESPN-Netflix documentary on the 90’s Chicago Bulls teams that took social media by storm in the last month, you probably noticed the screaming woman behind the visitors bench shown in Part Nine.

That part of the documentary series outlined the fierce battle between the Indiana Pacers and the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals.

Kathy Martin Harrison was on the fence about watching it at first, but that quickly changed.

“It was on TV and I dinkin’ around in the kitchen and I saw Reggie (Miller),” she told the Dan Dakich Show on 107.5 The Fan. “So, then I’m thinking ‘ugh… I want to see Reggie. So I sat down and started watching and then I see me!”

The documentary showed Harrison 22 years ago screaming at the Chicago Bulls players and referees as she was sitting behind the visitors’ bench with her husband where they have been season ticket holders for 44 years.

Harrison said it was interesting seeing the footage so many years later after that game.

“When we were there this TV guy came up to us before the game and explained they were filming for a movie and asked if we could sign a release,” Harrison recalled. “All of us who sat in that front row ended up signing a release. I didn’t remember it until the next morning after I watched it.”

“We felt it was our job to get into the heads of the visitors,” she said. “You can’t do it today because they’ll arrest you. But, back then it was okay to be feisty and yell at the players and the players would yell back at you.”

“Michael (Jordan) was totally cool about it,” she added. “He would just look at me and shake his head. The biggest thing I had going was with Dennis Rodman. Rodman and I would constantly battle back and forth!”

Nowadays Harrison said she stays a little quieter when she goes to Pacers games.

Harrison said she’s not on social media so she had no idea that that segment of the documentary was going viral on the internet. She said she even had one friend who lives in New Zealand text her a picture of their TV screen with her on it as they too were watching it.