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No business more essential to the very foundation of American excellence has taken a bigger hit to revenue in the era of Coronavirus than the freedom-loving strip clubs of our grand Republic.

Well, now they’re pushing back!

A Wyoming strip club shut down for weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic celebrated its Friday reopening with a “masks on, clothes off” party.

“The Den,” located near the Wyoming-Colorado border, is one of the first strip clubs in the country to reopen during the pandemic. Its licensure as a sit-down restaurant and bar allowed it to fall under the category of businesses allowed to reopen on Friday – and what a delightful menu of fresh, sumptuous, organic treats they offer indeed. But do they offer the “Daisy Burger?”

The Den’s owner, Kim Chavez, told USA Today she was not totally comfortable with the reopening, but felt she had no choice. Per federal law, adult-oriented businesses and performers were barred from applying for stimulus programs, including the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program – because if there’s one thing Washington lawmakers represent more than anything, it’s puritanical values.

“We knew that once our doors closed, we were screwed until we could reopen,” Chavez said. “If I’d gotten the PPP I might not have opened today. This is a risk we’re taking.”

The dancers are permitted to work as long as they maintain social distancing, wear protective masks, and sanitize the pole before using it, Fox 31 reported.

Yep, nothing quite as sexy as standing as far away from a naked lady as possible. In fact, we’re told the Jason Hammer household has been practicing erotic social distancing for years – primarily at Mrs. Hammer’s request.

The good thing about this whole mask deal is that owners of these gentlemen clubs can finally give strippers with ugly faces a genuine start in the business!

Engage in erotic, sinful behavior if you must, but never forget the words of Jermaine Stewart, fellow wandering Christian:

Hammer and Nigel have more in the clip below.