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The curve has been flattened, infections are on the decline, and rational Americans are fed ready to return to work to feed their families.

WIBC host Tony Katz joined Fox and Friends Monday morning to bring some insight into the anti-lockdown movement protests – a response to government regulators constantly moving the goalposts on what constitutes a suitable set of circumstances to return to business as usual.


“Remember, lockdowns were about flattening the curve. Now you take Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles, there won’t be a relief on lockdowns until you identify a cure. We keep moving the goalposts and people aren’t into that. Citizens are pushing back against it – and it’s not about a loss of perceived freedoms – it’s a loss of freedoms! If I’m not allowed to go to work and feed my family, that’s a loss of freedom. It’s not a question of whether it’s a loss of an essential job; feeding your children is essential. Ask your kids if they think getting fed is essential. Therefore, it is an essential job.

“…We understand that this virus is bad, but we also understand that you cannot stop your life in order to save lives. That simply isn’t going to work. So stop telling us that you have the answers, politicos, when clearly you do not. What you have is a desire to control and that’s not working for anyone across the globe.”

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