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A new study from Fairbanks predicts that about 186,000 Hoosiers have or have had COVID-19, which would put the survival rate at about 99.3 percent or 99.6 percent if you eliminate long term care facility deaths.

As reported by WIBC’s Eric Berman Wednesday afternoon, randomized testing by the Fairbanks School of Public Health found about one in 60 Hoosiers had the virus, and another one in 90 showed antibodies, indicating they’d had it previously without knowing it.

“That means that nearly 11 times the number of people have or have had the virus than previously realized,” Berman explained to WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel Show, “and that’s because nearly half the people who contract Coronavirus doesn’t have any symptoms,” he added.

Fairbanks health policy director Nir Menachemi says nearly half of all Hoosiers with coronavirus never had any symptoms. The large number of previously unsuspected cases makes Indiana’s death rate .58%, one-tenth of what the official data had indicated.

“Well, but it’s still really contagious, which means a lot of people could get it and then they’d have it and probably give it to more people and then those people could get it too and spread it to more people and then everyone would have it and give it to everyone and overwhelm the hospitals,” says the terrified and illogical person who thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci is the undercover return of Jesus Christ himself.

Maybe… Or maybe the adults in our society can follow the CDC recommendations to not contract the virus, which is actually quite simple to thwart! Simply wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands! Voila! Those instructions are so simple that even a liberal can understand them.

Meanwhile, the whole purpose of this asinine shutdown was to flatten the curve and not overwhelm the hospitals, yes? Well, there’s good news on that front too!

Check it out, dawg:

As of Thursday, May 14, the Indiana State Department of Health reports 40.5% of ICU beds and 79.8% of ventilators as available at hospitals throughout the Hoosier state.

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob break down the stats and express their cabin fever rage in the clip below.

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