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While restaurants in the great city of Indianapolis must still take their marching orders from Führer Joe Hogsett, dining establishments in Sydney, Australia a unique challenge of their own.

According to the city’s current pandemic operating standards, a strict limit of only 10 diners are permitted to be served at any one time – regardless of that individual restaurant’s total seating capacity.

Some people, however, feel uncomfortable dining in an empty restaurant, so Five Dock Dining owner Frank Angeletta plans to have cardboard customers fill the empty space.

We can only assume that the ACLU will be all over Mr. Angeltta soon enough for the lack of diversity represented in his cardboard customer cutout display.

Meanwhile, restaurants in the United States are beginning to impose a “Coronavirus surcharge” on their customers to compensate for the recent spike in meat and seafood prices.

WIBC host Tony Katz has no intention of paying such ridiculous surcharges, however. In fact, he’s willing to go jail in lieu of paying for such nonsense.

(Photo by James D. Morgan/Getty Images)