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WASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is defending the massive new stimulus package that is being pushed by Democrats in the House.

“The American people need their government to act strongly,” Schumer said on the Senate floor Wednesday. “And this new legislation is the urgent and necessary response to what this crisis demands.”

Schumer accused Senate Republicans of “just saying no” to any consideration of the latest House bill.  Schumer suggested it is a dereliction of duty during the ongoing national emergency.  He also called it “baffling.”

The sweeping House bill covers roughly three-trillion dollars in new stimulus spending.

Meantime, Republicans blocked Schumer’s attempt to get CDC guidelines on re-opening the country released.  The White House has reportedly blocked the release.

Indiana Republican Mike Braun accused Democrats of trying to “shutter the economy.”

“He’s (Schumer) really trying to let career regulators and agencies like the CDC bog down the economy with bureaucratic hurdles,” Braun said on the Senate floor in response to Schumer.

Schumer argued that the White House should be relying on the nation’s best medical and scientific experts.  He accused President Trump and his political appointees of working to change the CDC guidelines.  Schumer said Trump is unfamiliar with the disciplines of science and medicine.