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INDIANAPOLIS–The family of Deasjon “Sean” Reed is not suing the City of Indianapolis at this time, said their attorney in a Tuesday news conference. But, Reed’s mother and father both insist he was a happy young man and they don’t understand why he is dead.

Police said he shot at them before he was shot and killed last Wednesday evening after a chase that initially involved Police Chief Randal Taylor. The chase ended near 62nd and Michigan Rd., which is where Reed was shot as she he streamed live on Facebook.

The shooting didn’t make it on the video. But the incident can be heard after the phone dropped and was pointed skyward.

“We have substantial information to proceed in court if we wanted to,” said Swaray Conteh, the family’s attorney. “At this point we’re not gonna do that. We’re still trying to gather more information.”

Conteh said the family is “bent” on making sure the rights of the family and “the young man who was violently taken away” are vindicated.

“This is still crazy to me. I can’t picture why this happened,” said Jamie Reed, “Sean” Reed’s father, who referred to his son as “Dre”. “He was happy about everything. So, how could you see that face and do what you did to him? He was happy!”

The family’s news conference began just after a news conference with police in which they promised the use of body cams will begin soon, and that civilians would become part of a new review board for incidents that involve interactions with police.