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It was the end of a very long day in Indianapolis as WIBC host Tony Katz wrapped up his work in the studio and prepared for the restless night of sleep that was ahead of him.

Suddenly – a Google alert…

Within moments, Tony Katz discovered he was more than the host of a nationally-syndicated radio program… He was also a science-fiction hero!

Yes, someone by the name of  Dr. Anthony Bendik has written a book entitled: “Tony Katz.”

Here is the riveting description from Amazon:

“After his death, they froze his brain. Two hundred years later, they’re finally able to revive him. A highly respected yet lonely US soldier finally manages to fall in love with the woman of his dreams. Only his next mission, to restore a group of scientists from an undisclosed location or enemy, is ambushed. His entire team is killed, and he’s left barely hanging onto life. He doesn’t know who, why, or how, but his brain is left in store. Two hundred years later, when technology allows it, Tony Katz is revived in a new, robotic body. Now, however, he’s longing for his lost love, and when he finds out she froze herself and waited for him, he knows he has to find her. The task quickly complicates itself when Tony realizes he’s one of a kind, and the malicious organization that’s been keeping him for the past two centuries has more in store than what they reveal. Forced to fight through a new, unknown future, Tony unravels the secrets of the organization and the truth about his revival, while making his way to reunite with the only person he’s ever truly loved.”

Please Note: There are bets going around as to whether or not Dr. Anthony Bendik is actually WIBC host Tony Katz’s alter ego who has written a book about Dr. Anthony Bendik’s alter ego, “Tony Katz: The Cyborg.” 

You follow?

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Screen Capture:, Dr. Anthony Bendik