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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday extended Michigan’s state of emergency and disaster declaration through May 28, just hours before it was set to expire and after hundreds of protesters, some of whom were armed, gathered in the state Capitol building to voice their displeasure with the Democratic governor.

The emergency declaration gives Whitmer additional powers to issue executive orders during an emergency. She claimed she had the emergency authority regardless of what state lawmakers did.

In a rejection of the governor, the state House and Senate adopted resolutions Thursday to legally challenge her authority and also approved a bill to allow some of her mandates but not her stay-at-home order, which expires May 16.

Whitmer said she planned to veto the bill and won’t sign any bills that “that constrain her ability to protect the people of Michigan from this deadly virus in a timely manner,” according to The Detroit News.

Translation: Eric Cartman Meme

Earlier in the day, hundreds of demonstrators, some armed with rifles, descended on the state Capitol building in Lansing to voice frustration over the stay-at-home order (and show off their guns), which mandates temporary business closures and that residents remain home.

Casual Observation: Some “Patriots” are desperate for any excuse to have themselves a revolution. It’s what they’ve been training for all their lives.

WIBC’s The Chicks on the Right have more in the clip below.

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