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KOKOMO, Ind. — Vice-President Mike Pence is assuring you America is prepared for a second wave of the coronavirus should it happen in the fall or winter months.

Pence was in Kokomo Thursday touring the General Motors plant where they are making ventilators. President Trump said this week there are more ventilators available in the US than are being used. Pence said in spite of the surplus, it’s important more ventilators are made.

“When we saw the potential threat of critical shortages of equipment President Trump set into motion using the defense production act that no American who needed a ventilator would go without,” Pence told Tony Katz on WIBC. “We’re going to make sure every state has everything it needs.”

Pence added that it’s also important to make sure we are prepared for the possibility of a second outbreak of the virus across the US, a possibility that Pence believes the United States is prepared for.

“We not only want to open up America again we want to keep America open,” said Pence. “Should the coronavirus reemerge at any point we will keep driving towards a vaccine, but what we’ll most significantly have in place is testing and contact tracing infrastructure in every state in the country.”

Pence called the coronavirus a “once in a century pandemic” but said the US is making progress and that there is “light at the end of the tunnel.”