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A key figure at “Stop Government Overreach” says callers from their organization to Governor Eric Holcomb’s office were treated rudely and “called names” when they voiced their frustration with the extension of the state’s stay-at-home order.

Tim Dyer, a local independent contractor and member of the group shared his story with WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel Thursday.

“My work was cut out by the Governor’s initial stay-at-home order,” explained Dyer. “Then I didn’t receive a stimulus check, and on top of that, I haven’t been approved for any unemployment yet, which was supposed to happen with independent contractors,” he said.

Dyer, who had previously been an active member of the Tea Party, said his frustration led him to join “Stop Government Overreach.”

“As a result of my involvement with that group, I wound up calling Governor Holcomb’s office just to state my opinion,” continued Dyer. “I’m experienced with this and understand how to present myself politely and respectfully, but nonetheless, they didn’t treat me very well.”

Dyer alleged that when other members of  the group called to express their opinion, they were “called names” by Governor Holcomb’s staff.

“Stop Government Overreach” plans to stage a “Back to Work” rally outside of the Indiana Statehouse Friday at 1:30 pm ahead of Governor Eric Holcomb’s scheduled Coronavirus press briefing.

Dyer said the purpose and message of the rally is simple: put Hoosiers back to work.

“The small businesses, the sole proprietors, and the independent contractors who have been providing services to our community for decades need to go back to work,” Dyer said. “The stores have remained open, but sales are down 90% because people are not going out.”

“The fact is, the actual numbers are not being shared with the public,” he added, noting that the number of American families that have been financially devastated by the shutdown greatly outweighs the number of COVID-19 infections thus far.

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Photo: Jim Watson/Getty Images