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Pop superstar and intellectual giant Britney Spears hasn’t been able to work out lately. The reason? She accidentally burned down her home gym with a couple of candles.

“Hi guys, I’m in my gym right now. I haven’t been in here for like six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately,” Spears kinda, sorta explained in a live-streamed video on Instagram Wednesday.
“I had two candles, and yeah, one thing led to another, and I burned it down,” she said.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the blaze, Spears added (although her cat mysteriously disappeared around the same time as the fire).
“I walked past the door to the gym and flames BOOM !!!!!! By the Grace of God the alarm went off after that and yippee hoohah nobody got hurt,” Spears wrote in the caption.
1. expressing wild excitement or delight.
“Peter suggested they should go home. “Yippee!” shouted Katie”
\ ˈhü-ˌhä
1. a state or condition of excitement, agitation, or disturbance.
“She wore the jacket again … wore it unapologetically knowing all the hoo-ha it had caused.”
“Unfortunately now I have only two pieces of equipment left lol and a one-sided mirror gym,” she wrote, adding: “But it could be much worse so I’m grateful.”
Hear it from Britney:
Meanwhile, Spears has been doing her part to keep fans inspired during this time of national crisis by sharing complex personal epiphanies and asking thought-provoking questions.
I have been quarantining since I got back from Louisiana weeks ago …. so basically I haven’t seen my boyfriend @samasghari in what feels like a lifetime 😭 !!!!” Spears wrote on Wednesday. “I have actually lost weight from missing him …. now none of my pants or shorts fit 🙄😳😳 !!!!! Guess that’s what missing someone can do ❤️ …. who else is experiencing this ????!” she added, using as many childish and pointless emojis as possible.

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob examine how someone manages to burn down a gym with a couple of wax sticks from the New Yankee Candle company in the clip below.