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EPA Director Andrew Wheeler says the government organization is actively moving to address fraudulent COVID-19 disinfectants – a rampant problem in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic as mainstream media outlets muddy deliberately create confusion for political purposes.

“What we have done is to approve products for use against coronavirus,” Wheeler told WIBC host Tony Katz Wednesday. “As of today, we have approved almost 400 products that are listed on our website… Make sure the products you are purchasing are actually effective against the virus.”

President Trump stated in a White House press conference last week that ultraviolent lights and disinfectants during the press conference had shown promise in helping to combat COVID-19, which prompted mainstream media outlets to promulgate a false narrative that the Commander-in-Chief had encouraged Americans to inject themselves with bleach.

Director Wheeler said the EPA made efforts to dispel false propaganda put forth by the media but to no avail. In one case, claimed Wheeler, the Washington Post called the EPA to inquire if disclaimers on the latest list of approved disinfectants were in response to the President’s press conference and the resulting media firestorm. The Washington Post was informed at the time that all disclaimers on those the warning labels had existed prior to Trump’s comments – a fact the reporter intentionally manipulated and ignored.

“We actually had a Washington Post run a story over the weekend saying that the EPA had to backtrack on the President’s statement, which was not true at all. That just shows you how the media has incredible bias and they make facts up.”

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