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UPDATE: The Ditch Rd. bridge did NOT close Wednesday or Thursday as planned because of the rain. The schedule has been moved back, and the three day closure is scheduled to begin Friday morning, weather permitting. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.

Ditch Rd. bridge, the one over I-465 on the north side, is closing (again) for three days beginning Friday, May 1st. This is a three day closure only, and will run daily from 6am – 6pm. The work is expected to be finished by Sunday night, providing the weather cooperates (yup) and everyone stays on schedule. If so, done deal.

“What the hell,” you ask? “They just did this bridge,” you say? “You’re high,” you accuse? YES. You are correct. They just did this bridge. BUT, some of the work couldn’t be finished during the winter. Since the weather has gone from “total suck” to “moderately unstable,” the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) can get out and lay the permanent asphalt and finish up the sidewalks.

Some road work can’t be done during the winter, so here we are. The rise of super virus has caused most of us to move underground, so I honestly have no idea what day it is, let alone season. Who won the race? Auld Lang Syne?

Map me:

Ditch Rd. Bridge Closure

Again, the bridge is closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the hours of 6am to 6pm only.

Other East Side Road Work to Note

  • Eastbound I-70 from the north split to I-465 will reopen May 13th.
  • Westbound I-70 from I-465 to the north split will reopen May 24th.
  • Southbound Allisonville Rd. from 126th St. to 116th St. should be done May 3rd.
  • Northbound Allisonville Rd. between Kessler Blvd. and E. 62nd St. expected to be done in late May.
  • Keystone Ave. resurfacing from E. 39th St. to E. 65th St. will be done early-September, mid-October.
  • Washington St. road work in Irvington should be done by July 8th.
  • 38th St. bridge between Arlington Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. will never be done, unless it’s done on June 30th, as scheduled.
  • 75th St. west of Sargent Rd. is expected to reopen Wednesday, April 29th.
  • 96th St. between Sargent Rd. and Cumberland Rd. is expected to reopen sometime in late June.

Beech Grove

  • Arlington Ave. at Churchman Bypass is expected to reopen by August 1st


  • The E. 79th St. bridge over Fall Creek is expected to be done by August 1st.

If I left something out, or you have a question about another project in a different part of the city, hit me up at @WIBCTraffic. We’ll get you an answer.



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Photo Credit: INDOT – Camera at I-70 and Sam Jones Expressway