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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Indiana State Police are looking for a man impersonating a police officer.

The man pulled over a person on I-74 near the Shelby and Marion County line, on April 19.

ISP said he was driving a black and tan Dodge Charger, which had red and blue police lights.

The man went up to the car and said he was a State Trooper. He then asked for the person’s license and registration but never returned to his car with the documents.

Police described the man as black between 5’8 and 6′ and weighed 180 to 200 pounds. He had a buzzed haircut and mustache and was wearing a police uniform consisting of a dark blue long sleeve shirt, dark blue pants, a red tie, badge over the left shirt pocket, and gloves.

His badge was an oval with an eagle on top, and the person said they didn’t see any other identification, a hat, a gun belt, or a gun.

Indiana law says a police officer must be in full uniform, or a marked police car to pull someone over.

Anyone with information should call police at 317-232-TIPS.