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INDIANAPOLIS— Brad’s Car Wash on the southside of Indianapolis was damaged by an explosion Friday night. The fire department was called at about 9:15 to Shelby Street and Stop 11 Road.

Witnesses who heard the explosion said they could also feel a rumble.

The explosion was strong enough it knocked items off the walls at a nearby Michaels and Hobby Lobby, said IFD Battalion Chief Rita Reith and debris-covered as much as 150 yards.

Damages are estimated at $3.5 million dollars.

Workers say they noticed a rotten egg smell in the building over the past few days, but no one looked into what the source of the odor was.

IFD says the explosion happened in the plenum above the main office and break-room. The explosion lifted the roof, displaced interior walls, and blew out several windows.

IFD believes the explosion was because of natural gas migration, but they do not know the source of the leak or the ignition source.

No one was injured in the explosion, said Reith.