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If you’re into humiliation porn then videos of Joe Biden giving and conducting interviews is your ultimate turn-on.

Well dim the lights and lock the door, kinky conservatives! Today’s bow chicka wow wow with Biden is a double feature!

As you might have heard, Joe Biden was endorsed this week by Al Gore. And Joe, always anxious to make an ass of himself in public, decided to solidify the endorsement with a Livestream talk about Climate Change.

Watch Al Gore’s face as he endures Biden’s rambling. We’d challenge you to take a drink every time Al’s face indicates that he realizes something’s “off,” but you’d be drunk about 20 seconds in.

Triple Joe Video 1: Joe Biden in “Where Did I Put My Keys?”

Triple Joe Video 2: Joe Biden in “Whatever Happened to Joe Biden?”

Enjoy an in-depth clinical analysis of Joseph Biden’s decline, and update on Daisy COVID-19 diagnosis, and Rob’s impending amateur haircut in today’s Speedround.

Screen Capture: