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Doctors and nurses at two hospitals in New York and Michigan are giving COVID-19 patients a nice, inspirational musical sendoff as they’re ejected from the hospital: “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

The cheery and uplifting hit from “Journey” has been associated with some of the most iconic moments in our nation’s history. The tune saw a resurgence in popularity roughly ten years ago after “Sopranos” producers selected it as the perfect musical accompaniment for presumably shooting multiple bullets into the head of beloved American icon “Tony Soprano.”

Anyway, in a video taken by the New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital, health care workers draped in protective gear are seen cheering and dancing to the famous 1981 song that “Tony” died listening to as they surround two discharged patients in wheelchairs who recently beat the virus.

Both of the patients were captured clapping during the song, with one eventually raising both fists in the air as a sign of victory.

“As a message of hope during these challenging times, #NYPQueens plays Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” throughout the hospital each time a #COVID19 patient is discharged and on the road to recovery,” the hospital wrote in a message along with the video.

Okay, that’s definitely more uplifting than the “Sopranos” ending.

Pretty cool hospitals. Hammer and Nigel contributor Rob Kendall heard a lot of cheering from nurses after he was discharged from the hospital following a “minor elective procedure” (something about a fork in a urethra), but we’re pretty sure they were cheering for an entirely different reason.

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