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INDIANAPOLIS — A junior getting a degree in entrepreneurship at Butler University has started a campaign to educate people living in impoverished villages in Africa about COVID-19.

Ethan King’s latest initiative is United 19, which will provide rural African villages with prevention education, healthcare support, and clean water access during the pandemic.

King told Inside Indiana Business, “These places don’t really have hospitals or healthcare systems to help them stay healthy.”

He said he hopes the program will help slow the spread of the virus because millions of people in rural Africa live with compromised immune systems, placing them at high risk for the COVID-19 virus.

United 19 is part of King’s nonprofit organization, Charity Ball, which helps donate soccer balls to children in 50 countries.

King also has help from his father, Brian King, who runs the clean water organization Vox, which sets up prevention programs for workers who install wells in African villages.

King said that when wells break, people have to get water from the rivers they bathe in, or water sources that might be contaminated.

To donate or learn more about United 19 click here.