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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are learning more as to why a man shot and killed a police officer in Indianapolis last week.

Elliahs Dorsey is accused of shooting Officer Breann Leath to death. She was responding to a domestic disturbance call on the east side of the city along Edinburge Square, southeast of I-70 and I-465. Court documents say Dorsey was staying at a woman’s apartment and had smoked marijuana before the incident.

The documents say he told police he heard the woman talking to someone on the phone saying “you need to come get him.” He said thought she was trying to set him up. When there was a knock on the door he fired five shots through the door Kel-Tec PRL-16, a semi-automatic pistol.

Officer Leath was on the other side of the door and was fatally wounded. The woman inside the apartment ran downstairs and out the door after that and that’s when he said he shot her as well.

More officers got to the apartments and arrested Dorsey inside after getting Leath and the other woman away from the scene.